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Jerry Cassell Physiotherapist Casuarina

Jerry Cassell

MPhty, BHlthSc (Human Movement)

Jerry Cassell is the Managing Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Physio You.

Jerry is currently a Physiotherapist with QLD Cricket, part of the team assisting to ensure the players are injury free and able to perform at their peak throughout the season.

Jerry has a Masters of Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney, and completed an undergraduate degree in Human Movement at the University of Technology, Sydney.


Jerry has a background as a professional cricket player both within Australia and overseas, and was selected to attend the Australian Institute of Sport where he resided full time for one year to train in a controlled and highly competitive environment. Prior to his professional cricketing career Jerry represented Australia in junior volleyball. Following his successful sporting career he went on to study full time at university.

Jerry has experience working in both the public and private healthcare sectors and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), the body that represents Physiotherapists and ensures professional and ethical practice.